What is Repurposed Art Studio?

Updated: Dec 20, 2020

Before I talk about 'Repurposed Art Studio' and what it stands for, let me touch upon repurposing first. The literal meaning says, "Repurposing is the process by which an object with one use value is transformed or redeployed as an object with an alternative use value." And to this, I would like to add that repurposing also means empowering an object and making it worthy of more. To me, it is also a blank canvas which can be painted the way the creator wants. And we must not forget that there are zillions ways to convert used objects into spectacular artworks. Repurposing can actually bring new life to the old form.

In the last few months, I have really been inspired by many artists around the world with the kind of work they are doing. Some of the creative works done with the discarded materials are unbelievable and magnificent. Cutting down the waste footprint and environment conscious gifts are not just fads. There are buyers and takers for it and I am glad there are. I am definitely inspired and have already started doing my bit. I decluttered my surroundings and actually found a lot of stuff that could be upcycled for better things. I am passionate about art and there couldn't have been a better way to renew my love for it. To create something new from the old gives me a new high.

The stay-at-home phase in 2020 came as a blessing. Art really worked as an anchor for me during this stressful phase of the pandemic and today it feels like its part of me. I took solace in my long-lost hobby of sketching, painting, crafting and much more. It was not something that I had to look for, art just found its way to me. It seemed like a full circle. I dint even realize how it became fun and therapeutic to upcycle glass bottles, innovate boxes and learn about repurposed art. Now, it just happens that I start painting something and I can't rest until I am finished. There is always a sweet craving to create something more. I am bitten by the bug and I can't stop now. So you must get ready to hear me talk about minimalist waste, second hand gifts, trash to treasure, sustainable art, upcycling, creating reusable products and much more.

Repurposed Art Studio is the culmination of too many emotions for me. First, I am in love with the whole idea of creating, painting and writing about it. There is no feeling like picking up an old piece of trash bottle and creating something unusual and beautiful. Second, I have always been an artist at heart and its high time that I embrace this side of me wholeheartedly. Last but not the least, I am bitten by the entrepreneurship bug. I wish to make repurposed art studio, a one-stop destination for artists, crafters, hobbyists and shoppers who believe in handmade and sustainable art. Wish me luck to do my bit for the environment!

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