What can you make out of a broken mug?

Updated: Jan 25

Let us be real. Zero waste lifestyle is not just an idea, it is a beautiful dream. It is extremely demanding and calls for many sacrifices. In the beginning, it poses challenges but then when you know that you are working towards a global issue and you are here to inspire a positive change in yourself and people around you, it becomes fun in no time.

Personally, it took me many years to take that one step towards adopting sustainable lifestyle and it is a long way ahead. But, I am thoroughly enjoying the journey towards embracing a zero-waste lifestyle and building 'Repurposed Art Studio'. I try and consume less. I believe in recycling, upcycling and repurposing. And I also do a lot of DIYs. The truth is I also struggle everyday, especially with lots of packaging plastic around me. However, every little thing saved from going into landfill feels like an achievement to me.

Today, I saved a broken cup and some scrap fabrics. I am happy that I upcycled my broken mug. And the twines that I used to decorate it has also been made by me, using strands of scrap fabric.


Because I have turned it into a planter. It is a very simple activity.

You need four things

  1. Broken cup

  2. Twines, jute threads, wool, anything that you have in spare.

  3. Scissors

  4. Adhesive

This is how I started!

I made the twines from this scrap fabric. You can see it on my channel.

Cups with broken handles serve a purpose!

And this is what the end product looked like!! What do you think of it?

Not everyone may have the time for reusing and repurposing or doing DIYs but a pure intention to do good for the environment goes a long way. Let us keep inspiring each other. Also, do tell me if you loved the upcycled creation.

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