Wallpaper Cut-outs can be used to Upcycle bottles

When I am not travelling or blogging about them, I love upcycling the trash in my household. A couple of years ago, when my parents had renovated the house, I had not even bothered to see what was left of the wallpaper sheets or what happened to the cutouts but now when I did my own house recently, I was very particular to use old and rejected to make new things.

I had promised myself to do most of the decor with handmade, repurposed and upcycled items and I am living up to it.

I used one of the rejected cutouts of wallpaper and upcycled an old bottle. Isn't it perfect for room decor? It is. The planter looks beautiful and an old bottle has got a new life. I will be making some more amazing things from the wall paper cutouts. Keep inspiring me and do share your upcycled creatives.


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