Upcycle Bottles to Create Joy & Save Them From Landfills

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

I am on an upcycling spree these days and I never fail to reiterate its importance in every post. In this post I am excited to share some of my latest bottle creations. Hope you will like it and try at home too. The aim is to inspire one person every week. Imagine the impact that we can create together if we start looking at trash differently. Loads of trash and waste products can be converted into beautiful pieces of art and decor. If you are still wondering why should I upcycle, you have come at the right place because I will give you convincing reasons. Upcycling is a simpler process that uses lesser energy and is a more greener way to approach sustainability. I know this isn't enough, hence read further. And don't forget to share your upcycled products with me on twitter.



Why Should You Upcycle?

  • First and foremost, its delays the journey of the trash to the landfill.

  • Refurbishing old products does not usually involve extra elements.

  • Upcycling positively affects our environment and promotes sustainable living.

  • It adds additional artistic aesthetics to the piece.

  • Some trash items produce toxic waste when discarded and is harmful to the environment.

  • Only 5 percent of proper recycling takes place.

  • Using old things to create something new, instead of fresh raw materials means reduction in air pollution, water pollution, greenhouse gas emissions and often a conservation of global resources.


Here are 5 pictures for inspiration

Creating Joy with Upcycling!!

I used colourful jute for this!!

You can buy it here.

Start from things easily available in your house!

For this, 2 ply jute is a good and easy choice.

Avoid one-time use plastics but in case you use it, try to use them for home decor.

Do some Warli art on used coffee bottles!

I have used fevicryl acrylic colours.

There is no limit to art and creativity, simple to complex — the only limitation is our imagination!

Hope you liked these and are motivated enough to try

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