Upcycle a Cardboard Box : Make a Tissue Box

I love cardboards. They are very useful. Boxes made from cardboards are used to transport and ship most of our products. They can be used to store items and keep them safe for a long time. Cardboard boxes are also very handy and sturdy to pack, upload and unload. But once they serve their purpose, we tend to forget their usefulness. Ever since I have started repurposing, I always try to reuse and make something useful out of them.

This Sunday, I found this cardboard which the maid was about to put in the trash bin. I picked it up and immediately worked on it with some scrap fabric and jute threads. It turned out to be a beautiful organizer. I would call it a lovely tissue box.

And if you are looking for some more inspiration, here it is.

10 Brilliant ways to upcycle cardboards

Cardboard box

Using scrap fabric with cardboard box

Tissue Box

Why should you reuse and repurpose?

  • The original product comes into use just the way it was.

  • One does not need to break or destroy it.

  • A lot of energy is saved.

  • A new item is created.

  • The cardboard box gets a new life.

  • It doesn't end up in a landfill.

  • Upcycling wins over recycling because the latter takes more energy to process and ends up in something with lesser value than the original object

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