#SaveUsFromPlastics - A Plastic Recycling Project in Phuket

Recycled Plastic
Plastic put to good use

Ever since I have started working on upcycling and repurposing in my small way, I keep browsing for new and interesting accounts, I stumbled on this eye-catching Instagram account a couple of months ago and the cute turtles took my heart away. When I learned that they were turning plastic caps into holders and other utilities, I was impressed all the more. I got in touch with them and asked them a couple of questions about their initiative. Let us find out more about their recycling project and what this family is trying to do for the environment.

1. Tell us a little about yourself, your background and the city/country you belong to? We are a family of four ( My husband, our twin daughters and myself ) originally from Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain, but living in Asia since 2011. We are into business and medical.

Recycling Plastic
Repurposed Art Studio- Sea Turtles

2. Tell us about work or brand? When did you start? Did you have any theme behind it?

SaveUsFromPlastics is our family’s recycling project that started 8 months ago while living in Phuket. We started realizing that there was trash plastic everywhere and sadly, a lot, in the beautiful beaches of Phuket where we were going to walk sometimes. Since we had more free time due to Covid-19 travel restrictions, we started to think about what could we do to help our planet to reduce trash plastic and started some research on internet about what to do with trash plastic.