#OneArtADay - Taj Mahal on a Glass Bottle

So now that I have an online art studio, what can be a better place to make a repository of all my artworks. I have decided that from this day, I am going to share all my works, good or bad, best efforts here.

I am already very exited to begin this. I completed this one today.

I was really fascinated by dot art and I tried making TAJ MAHAL.

This is a brandy bottle which I found through my friends and I have used acrylic colors to paint and repurpose it. I love the transformation. And I have put a money plant in it too.

Turn a brandy bottle into a fancy planter cum travel gift!!

Taj Mahal on a Glass Bottle!

This is what repurposing means!

Do tell me what do you think of it and please do get in touch if you need to order one. I would love to customize it for you.

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