#OneArtADay- A Traveller's Spectacles Case

"How I wish I was reading a book on that couch, while watching the gorgeous sunset."

Who doesn't want that dreamy holiday? My freshly painted 'spectacles case' speaks of my current state of mind perfectly.

Hand painted Spectacles Case
Dreaming of this vacation!

When you are a travel blogger, you are ought to miss travelling. However, I am not disappointed. Travels will happens. For now, I have been cheering myself by painting dreamy vacations for myself. The idea is to keep wishing for a pandemic free world.

Today, I turned my old and boring all black spectacles case into something bright and colourful. First I did a double coat of golden acrylic colours. And after it was dry, I pulled up this dreamy vacation with some interesting colours. You can make your own designs and also do this for your friends. If you want something special and customized, you may also contact me.

Repurposed Spectacles case
My old and boring spectacles case

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