Not Just Painted CDs but Upcycled Travel Souvenirs

CD Art - They are unique, handmade, vibrant and aesthetic. And I thoroughly enjoyed making them. Lately, I have been in love with the idea of upcycling and have been repurposing common household items. Last month, when I found a case full of unused and scratched CDs, I was elated. I was not sure what I would make of it but it was easy to figure out that they could be my new base for acrylic paintings. And yes, they did make a great surface for painting with acrylic colours.

I searched for lot of cd art work and designs for inspiration. There was lots of good stuff made on the cd as well as with the cd. I did not want to make anything that was already made. I did not want to cut it into pieces. I waited and thought about a unique travel series. I started painting travel photographs. I randomly picked up photographs that appealed to me and tried making them on CD. The end result was adorable. After every art work, I was excited to start next one. And I completed 4 in a row.