No more an old plastic tray, its upcycled now!

As a kid, I was always the one who loved to draw, paint and innovate. And who knew at 35, I will fall in love with painting all over again. But this time upcycling is my new found craze, and I am not going to put this hobby away. This is not only the best way to showcase my endless creativity but it has also been a great stress-reliever during the lockdown period and beyond. To get creative with whatever’s lying around the house is fun. And there is no better feeling than creating something beautiful with old items. Also, upcycling is important and there are several benefits of repurposing.

What's new?

All this while, my friends and family have been very encouraging and supportive of my experiments. I have begun with little things, mostly home décor type items. I have also done a lot of bottle art in the last few months and when I was really itching to try out something new, I found a plastic tray in my kitchen. I realised that I had not used it for more than a year. It had not only lost its sheen but was also wearing off at the edges. And this was my chance to infuse new life in it for further use than buy a new one. I picked it up and dared to change its look. At the end of the day, the result was satisfying and it turned out to be a great DIY project.

I really took this as a challenge and it was like asking myself, “can you fix this?”

Here is a video which captures the fun!

Upcycling a Plastic Tray without any glue or chemical, only acrylic colours!

Just go for it!

If you have been thinking about any of these terms, upcycling/repurposing/reclaiming/reusing/vintage, just go for it. Make something for yourself and trust me you will be inspired to do more of these upcycling works. The absolute, most rewarding aspect of this would be to decorate your house with something that you would have created. I have come to believe that almost everything can become something else.

Do drop in your comments and tell us about your upcycling adventure.

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