I paint old CDs (compact discs), so please don't throw them away

We have all used CDs if we have worked on computers. But in the recent times, if you have discovered crates/boxes of unused CDs, either you can donate to the shops who still use them or you can use them to uplift your home-decor. Together, we generate tonnes of e-waste. How about making this small initiative to contribute less at your end. We at 'Repurposed Art Studio' will guide you to use your old CDs creatively.

Shiva - CD art work

CDs or compact discs are flat, round, optical storage medium used to store and retrieve a large amount of data or music through computer. When the CDs arrived, they made floppies obsolete. But gradually, even their days are numbered. When I bought my new laptop last year, it dint even have a CD drive. With the arrival of pen drives and increased portability of newer computers, storing data on CDs isn't worth anymore. So what will you do with all your old CDs? When I found them, I couldn't resist painting them. Here are 5 of my recent artworks without cutting or destroying its structure. It is majorly plastic and eventually an e-waste.

I have used acrylic colors to repurpose them into something decorative for my house and others as well. Prepare a base colour and just draw whatever you want. Its very easy.

A shot from Goa.

Mosaic styled art


Get creative in your own way! You can send your old CDs to s and we can make some for you.

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