How to Make Dolls From Plastic Bottles? I did this.

They are no more just plastic bottles but my treasured handmade pieces. And one thing is for sure that I wouldn't want to throw away these plastic bottles. The transformation was very colourful and comforting to the creator in me. I loved making these dolls as it not only gave solace to the upcycler in me but also encouraged me to try out something new every day. I totally love the way these dolls have turned out to be. This was my first attempt with mould-it clay and I was both, nervous and excited. This is what UPCYCLING is all about. And an upcycler, never gets tired of finding value in waste because it is always an exercise in creativity.

Upcycling, involves the reuse of discarded materials to create new ones. It is one of the most creative opportunity/action to add value and longevity to things that have been deemed trash. You like to do it and short of creative inspiration, find some here. Featuring UPCYCLED SHACK from Sabah in Malaysia. Let us learn more about upcycling.

My first ever creation with mould-it clay!

How to make these dolls?

Well, this might look complicated in the beginning but it is not. All you need is an eye to see things differently and a desire to create and repurpose the old. Pick up a plastic bottle and just imagine a figurine. I am sure you will think of some funny, interesting, cute person. Just try giving it a shape in your head. The basic things that you need are plastic bottle, foil paper, a straw or an old pencil, mould it clay and acrylic colours.

Step 1 - Choose an old plastic bottle. I have used Paperboat bottles. Paint it and then fill it with some old newspaper to give it some sturdyness at the base. Also, the clay makes the face heavy, so you need to have some weight at the end to balance it out. I fill it with the cutouts that I have of cartons etc.

Step 2 - Insert a straw or an old pencil and cover it with a ball of newspaper, something to look like a face. Then cover it with aluminium foil.

This is how you start!

Step 3- Make a face with rolled newspaper inside foil paper. For the neck, we will use used straw. Wrap the foil paper over the straw. Put it inside the bottle.

Step 4 - Use mould-it clay to give shape to your imagination.

Step 5 - You just have to paint it with the help of acrylic colors.

Upcycling is the way forward!

Upcycling is not a new concept for elders in our houses in India. They have been doing this for years but we have to make it adopt it further. One must collect discarded items and find opportunities to reuse them and add value to them. Environmental challenges are growing exponentially and we all must act together. Throwing up things in trash is an easy way out but very harmful for the environment and future. We must guide kids as well as adults around us to ask themselves before throwing away anything, “How can I use this or make this beautiful?”

And before ending this blog, I would love to inspire you with another handmade doll!

So do try your hands at this and share your experience. Let us decorate one plastic bottle every week.

Save and decorate one plastic bottle every week!!

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