How to live life with less plastic?

Plastic is all around us despite the fact that it is harmful to the environment. It is contamining our land and water both. Not everything is recycled as promised. It takes decades to decompose. A lot of efforts are being made on domestic and global front to cut down its usage but we are producing it at an exponential rate. However, the battle is not lost. A major impact will occur when we, as individuals will start acknowledging its imapct on our health.

Plastic has entered our lives from all sides. (Picture credit : Pixabay)

I have been trying to reduce the usage of plastic bottles used in my house!

And I have been repurposing the rest!

Change will not happen in one day

Cut down one plastic usage in a day, maybe in a week and make the difference. It is very hard to implement because life with plastic is easy and convenient. But we can do it if we take small steps. It is a challenge that we have to accept to do our bit for the next generation. Ever since, I have been minding my ways and trying to adopt zero waste life approach, I have felt overwhelmed and joyful, at the same time. On some days, I am disappointed to see the amount of plastic that we use in our daily lives. But, I am trying to sort things and get my choices right. Its important to shatter some misconceptions as well. And last but not the least, I have started repurposing plastic and other waste for decorating my house. (The last part is extremely satisfying.)

I read this mantra on the internet and I really loved it

‘Use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without.’