Christmas Upcycling : Santa on my Bottle

Christmas Upcycling- Santa came Home

This year, I celebrated a very eco-friendly Christmas. I had plans to bring home a Christmas tree and make some decorations for it. But due to some reason, I was not able to do it. Thus, I decided to make Santa at the last minute. Bottle art is my favorite form of upcycling and thus, I decided to craft my own Santa.

These days, I have been trying to use less of acrylic colors and more of scrap fabrics in my creatives. My aim was to use more of rejected cloth pieces and less of other things.

This bottle art has been done with the use of old bottle, scrap fabric, cotton, acrylic colors and Fevicol. Below are the steps.

  • Clean an old bottle

  • Paint it with red acrylic colors. (Double coat)

  • Let it dry

  • Make the outer shape of Santa with scrap fabric and use cotton for the moustache and beard.

  • Use acrylic colors for eyes and nose.

Use the fabric for the outer shape and use the cotton

Bottle Art - Santa in the Making

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