Artist and Brand Story - Tripti and her love for Madhubani

India has many folk and traditional art styles and each one of them is remarkable in its own way. The aura of our cultural diversity is well-captured in these authentic art styles. It is joyous to see that these local art forms are still relevant in our contemporary, modern world. The vibrancy of Indian art and the depiction of our deities, flora and fauna, figurines, country life is unlike any. Most of these art forms have survived generations and they never fail to make an impact even today. Some of them are extremely popular and they stand out uniquely, at global level. These days, a lot of young artists are ditching modern art and are heading back to their roots. It is heartening to see them learn, experiment, reinvent and lend freshness to the old styles. I have an eye for Indian folk motifs and never leave an opportunity to learn more about them. At 'Repurposed Art Studio', I aim to talk about green home-decor products, repurposing as well as share the universal love for Indian art forms. In this blog post, we will get a beautiful perspective around Madhubani art form, from a young artist from Bihar.

Let us meet Tripti. The artworks done by her are absolutely brilliant. I not only admire her work but also try to learn it. Her simple yet impactful works have inspired me to experiment with Madhubani. Let us know more about her.

Madhubani Art by Tripti
Repurposed Art Studio - Artist Feature

1. Tell us about yourself, your background and your brand? When did you start? Did you have any theme behind it?

Hello, my name is Tripti and I am a freelance artist. I live with my parents in Patna ( Bihar).

Making art & craft was my childhood hobby. It was something that allured me the most and now it has turned into my passion and my earning too.

At 'TriptiSArt' I make handmade, upcycled, sustainable, art & craft specially customized for my lovely buyers. I work on themes like Indian folk art, Madhubani, Nature and Feminism.

Green Art
Ganesha made with leaves