3 DIYs Upcycling Activities to Try This Week

Recently, I did a survey for my upcycling project. Most of them were extremely supportive of it. But when I asked them what prevents them from reusing or repurposing old and trash in their houses, most of them said lack of inspiration and time. I cannot be of much in the latter issue unless you decide to squeeze in some time for upcycling but there shouldn't be a problem with the former. I have decided to pass on the inspiration vibes. Upcycling may feel useless initially or you may ask, "Why do you even need it". Trust me, it does a lot of good to you and the environment. Create something new from the old and feel the magic.

Created from a delivery box and Old monk bottle

Upcycling begins at home!

There is enough lying around in the house that can be upcycled without throwing it away. How do you begin? Save the empty glass bottles, don't throw away the delivery boxes, use the newspaper, pull out some old cloth, I am sure you are already excited about it. Let not the inhibitions stop you from creating something new today.

1. Make an organizer from the delivery box

  • Pick any square or rectangular box with sturdy sides.

  • Remove its top

  • Cover it with fabric or jute with the help of fevicol

  • Decorate it the way you want.

  • Use it to keep things.

I made 3 different sections using the biscuit boxes.

I used these plastic caps and ice cream sticks as well.

2. Paint the bottles in different ways

  • You will need acrylic colors for this.

  • If you are not sure about painting, use some fabric or jute to cover it.

  • Do something artistic

  • Put some plants in it.

  • I assure you that you will love it.

You may paint the whole or simply use jute and then do some creativity!

3. Upcycle the old ceramic plate which must have turned yellow

  • This is the easiest

  • Wash and wipe it dry

  • Paint the base with acrylic colors

  • Let it dry and don't fear to paint your heart on it.

  • Decorate it in the room

Upcycled Ceramic Plate!

Do these 3 fun DIY activities!!

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