2 Days Workshop - My First Online Art Class

Year 2020 has been all about gratitude and I am thankful for everything that made me sail through the year. Though we wouldn't want an year like this, it definitely taught us many lessons that will stay on forever. I said goodbye to the year in a very special way and planned the last two days of the year (30th and 31st) unlike any. I did my first online art class in collaboration with 2 NGOs and it was an extremely satisfying experience. I am thankful to Rahul Bhatia Sir, (a senior blogger friend and Ericsson colleague) for arranging it all and helping me pass on my love for art to the community as well. Repurposed art studio has found a beautiful purpose.

Repurposed Art Studio Creations
Warli Art on a Tea Container

I shared my knowledge about Warli art and the students were very happy to learn it.

Repurposed Art Studio has found a purpose

They say take the first leap in faith and everything else follows. I have experienced this as a travel blogger/freelance writer and the evolution with Pendown has been extremely gratifying. Now, it is time to do more. The year 2020 made me realize that I must diversify and move forward. During the longest 'stay at home' phase, I found my purpose with art and it kept me inspired on the lowest days. I learned and experimented with different art forms and it acted as a healthy outlet for expressing and letting go of all my feelings and fears. Soon, I found my interest in upcycling and repurposing trash glass/plastic bottles. It is always a great feeling to make something creative and useful. Now, I have further found my purpose in teaching these skills to more and more people. And what can be better than teaching the kids who are keen learners.

Repurposed Colins Bottle -Cherry Blossom
Colins bottle turned into a planter

The Two Days Art Workshop

After a few discussions around the idea, came the D-day. I was nervous as well as excited to do this. I had taken a few training sessions during my corporate tenure but this was going to be different. I was looking forward to doing live art work and creating/repurposing old bottles and containers. More than that it was my first online art class and I was all up to befriend young creators.

I think I sailed through well. The drawings below want me to believe that way. I kept the kids entertained with my small talks as well as art works. I had a very audience. They were very excited to learn and do it themselves. I made them curious around Warli and Madhubani art as well also told them about the cherry blossom flowers from Japan. The outcome was amazing as some of the students not only created great stuff along with me but also sent me beautiful artworks. I was overwhelmed when 31 students joined on the first day. The follow up class on the second day was equally engaging. The overall experience was indeed special.

Created by the students

Made by a student!

I loved these creative works!

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